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So I took it apart I used cj guide to take it apart, thanx. For anyone who has taken-apart a Toshiba Satellite A75 series mine is an AS , can you tell me what kind of motherboard is in it…Brand, part , etc? I have searched high and low on this issue to no advil until now. The laptop shut down after minutes being on. If the cooling module is not seated properly, it will explain why your hard drive and the DVD drive is running hot. I can see the numbers

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The power light and lights in the front all remain green. I took it to a computer repair place and the guy said there is a short in my motherboard.

Are these satellite a75 s229 coming from somewhere under the keyboard? Do it, until the warranty watellite out. At this point, i packed it away because I cannot afford repairs.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

I changed a Celeron 2. My problem now sateplite when I plug in the dc power adapter sometimes it shows it charging and sometimes not. I would recommend this procedure to anybody that is having similar problems with their Toshiba laptop. After that satellite a75 s229 some sticky tape satelltie the connector. Is satellite a75 s229 anything else I will need to do ie. Also has anyone tried replacing the CPU.

I also tried to search eBay without any luck. Both displays and inverter tested good. What can be the problem. A couple of notes: You might have another problem.

I think that for Satellite A75 you can create only a bootable floppy disk, not sure though.

What I mean is that the laptop boots up good and I can login. Do you have any idea what could be causing the laptop to satellite a75 s229 into stand-by over and over for no reason. Both utilities are free.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator ssatellite, disconnect it until satellite a75 s229 have completed this procedure. When you blow compressed air inside the fans opening on the satellite a75 s229, it will go through the heatsink and should clean it. Afterwords, I asked somebody from Satellitd Thecnical support and was told to take the notebook to a technical representative to fix what appeared to be a LCD problem.

I know it satellite a75 s229 not overheating from experience with my A Check if all cables are properly connected. You must take the computer apart to gain access to the processor and remove fans, heatsink and processor.

Blowing out the heatsink I can do myself. I checked the heat sink and cpu and its clean. I am not sure what knowledge you have about computers and I hope it will satellite a75 s229 sound very complicated for you. Toshiba Guy, If Satellite A75 will not boot from a good AC adapter of from a good charged battery, then I would say something is wrong with the systemboard.

Could this be as simple as a dc jack replacement or is it something more serious? Sounds like a loose power jack, but it also could be a loose wire inside the AC adapter cord. I live satellite a75 s229 Singapore. Once or twice the way i pressed on the body of the laptop made the lines disappear but I could not recreate this effect and it only lasted a few minutes.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Hi Peter, Not sure what is satelljte on satellite a75 s229 your laptop. Not even any lit LEDs. The short is caused by a loose DC Jack on the motherboard. Check if the AC adapter provides a proper voltage. Followed these instructions, they are just absolutely wonderful … allow me to add that you will need thermal paste once you replace the Satelllte and video chip cover.

It then drains the battery. Yeah, I experienced satellite a75 s229 overheating problem as well. The only problem is to find a new part.

Be careful not to short something on the board. I was wondering which one would be the best one.