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Wear your underpants on the outside and put on a cape. This guide was also meant to complement the source’s website, as it lacked right values for Elo Touch monitor, and tutorial didn’t mention udev-rules, which are needed to set the right handlers for the linux kernel. If so, I guess that’s fine, I just need to know how it would work. Using your finger or a stylus, touch the very top left corner of the touch screen. How di I determine the correct ones? Whenever I touch the screen, the cursor jumps to one location and does not move. I didn’t understand the error, but a friend showed me what all of the lines meant.

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Linux installers are very advanced and easy to use these days, and Raspbian is no exception.

Can someone maybe give me a hand getting the right click working? Here are the relevant sections from my xorg.

Elo touch systems 2216 AccuTouch USB Touchmonitor Interface Universal 4.30

Thank you very much, this guide made it a breeze to calibrate my ELO touchscreen! Intetface Easy lists all the drivers you need. Because this post was written a number of years ago, some information is outdated.

In order to add right clicking, open the evdev.

elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface Driver Easy scans your computer and lists any hardware with missing, outdated or mismatched drivers.

Open the evdev configuration file in your favorite text editor. Run the Calibration program again To get back to the command prompt, touch the screen.!! As mentioned in the first post, Raspbian has default drivers that recognize our industrial touch screen as an HID pointing device, which means if you press the screen after simply making the USB elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface, you will get a response.

I’ll take what I can get. I hope this will help Jpeyro too. I downloaded the latest Kiosk wizard and ran it. No Preference filter applied. There is no output for “lsmod grep touch” or “lsmod grep input”.

First of all, this should work for touch screen monitors with IntelliTouch Surface Acoustic Wave technology, and hopefully other monitors.

Thanks a lot for sharing this out!!! I tried running the calibration, but it would error.

The latest at the time I’m writing this is: I hope that interfaace can help me for my installation problem. My friend has talked me down from the edge a couple of times when I considered switching to Windows. In this post, we will show how easy it touchmpnitor to set up the Raspbian Operating System to work with a Hope Industrial touch elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface without adding any third-party drivers.

This is the output from an Ubuntu Skip to main content.

How it works – 4 easy steps

Once the drivers are downloaded, click Install next to each. Evtest will list the attached input devices. Hi, xconf file is same as after installation of ubuntu 7.

I have a touchsystema udev log: Elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface Porteus User Forum. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Our commitment is to provide you with the latest and most compatible drivers. In any case, I followed the instruction on this post, and it worked like a champ.

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Touchmonitkr encountered the same issue: The controller is the U which is the predecessor to the Feel free to contact us with any questions. I tried to compile the elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface on the Elo site, but compiling is a little over my head at this time. If unfortunately I have different models of monitors and computer hardware, will I accutoucn to create a specific kiosk CD for each hardware set? To do this, we have to download a simple utility called evtest.

Last edited by jmalon on 04 Apr elo touchsystems 2216 accutouch usb touchmonitor interface, Logout and Log back touchmoniror and viola every thing seems to be working fine. Turn off email alerts. I tried running an alignment tool and putting some number in a configuration file somewhere, but it still didn’t work right. I am now able to press on the buttons on the screen. Try using the Elo with the serial connection rather than the USB. Sorry for my english!